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  • published Solar Streetlights in What We Do 2022-02-17 00:33:00 -0500

    Solar Streetlights

    In 2011, DTE Energy repossessed over 1000 streetlights from the City of Highland Park - leaving residents in the dark.

    Soulardarity formed to bring light back to the blocks with community-owned solar power. Since our formation in 2012, we have installed six solar streetlights in Highland Park. Each light has been a learning experience, building our knowledge and understanding of solar technology. The lights have utilized Michigan manufacturers and contractors from the community. We have made a proposal to the City of Highland Park to install 1000 solar streetlights - fully restoring lighting to the blocks - in partnership with the Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office. You can read about it in Model D. You can see pictures and locations of our streetlights below.

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    The Victor Streetlight (designed by SolarStreetlightsUSA)

    Location: 150 Victor St

    Learn more


    The Avalon Streetlight (designed by SolarStreetlightsUSA)

    Location: 24 Avalon St

    Read the story

    And the video of our fundraising campaign after the install!


    The 2015 Membership Streetlights (designed by Solartonic)

    Locations: 41 Highland, 73 Tennyson, 74 Waverly, 209 Moss

    Read about them


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  • 4/16/2021 Statement On DTE Settlement Agreement


    On Wednesday, DTE Energy publicly filed a proposed settlement agreement in a Michigan Public Service Commission case regarding their clean energy plans. As the result of Soulardarity’s engagement, the agreement includes a low-income renewable energy pilot that, if successful, will lead to three solar projects of over 250 KW being built in Highland Park, Detroit, and River Rouge. While the pilot makes some useful steps, it leaves a lot to be desired from the perspective of racial, economic, and environmental justice and energy democracy.

    Soulardarity believes this proposal does not go far enough, and we are clear-eyed about why. DTE continues to spend excessively on fighting locally owned solar, slamming residential ratepayers with rate hikes they can’t afford for some of the worst service in the country, and selling the resulting debt to predatory collection agencies. We expect that DTE will continue to fight efforts for truly community-owned solar, while asking ratepayers to foot the bill for unnecessary fracked gas plants and pipelines.

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  • The Blueprint For Energy Democracy Is Here!

    590677867.jpgIts finally here! The first edition of the Blueprint for Energy Democracy, our plan to make Highland Park a global model for sustainability and self-determination.

    READ: The Blueprint For Energy Democracy Framework

    READ: The Full 1st Edition Blueprint For Energy Democracy




  • donated 2023-03-16 19:05:14 -0400

    Help Us Build A Just Energy Future For All


    We've done incredible things together, recently we were featured on the TODAY Show! We need all kinds of support to make Energy Democracy happen, and your donations are a critical part of that.

    Look below to see what your contributions do:

    • $5 prints 50 flyers for an event
    • $25 supports a subsidized Soulardarity membership
    • $50 buys winter weatherization supplies for a household
    • $250 pays for carpool, childcare and food for community to participate in call-to-action events
    • $1000 sends our staff and community leaders to educational workshops, training and coalition conventions
    • $5000 allows us to grow our member base and operational capacity!

    Every gift makes a difference. We also encourage you to become a dues-paying member and add your voice and leadership to our forward motion. You can also sign up to be a monthly sustainer donor at

    If you want to make a larger donation than this page allows, email [email protected] for instructions.

    To donate by check, please make the check payable to Soulardarity and mail it to:

    21 Highland St
    Highland Park, MI 48203

    Soulardarity is a 501c3 charitable organization. Donations made to Soulardarity are tax-deductible under Soulardarity's EIN: 47-2733535


    Let Communities Choose: Clean Energy Sovereignty in Highland Park, MI

    Thanks to

    James Gignac and Edyta Sitko

    Union of Concerned Scientists

    for their partnership with us in researching and publishing of this report!



    $50 donations or more will receive a custom

    Soulardarity sweatshirt as a thank you for renewing your membership!





  • wants to volunteer 2018-06-12 14:50:42 -0400



    Volunteer Needs

    How are you going to answer the call?

    These are action groups that involves a more active and ongoing commitment

    Highland Park Campaign Team - help us create a brighter future for Highland Park

    State Energy Democracy Team - join our team to build strategy and advocate for creating better energy policy in Lansing

    Grow Solar Highland Park-Detroit/Rise UP Training - join the effort to provide affordable rooftop solar to homeowners and create jobs along the way

    Fundraising Committee - serve on the committee, support ongoing efforts to engage in fundraising

    Board Election Team - help us ensure that our board elections are accessible to membership and encourage others to run

    Annual Energy Sustainability and Tech Fair Planning Group - be a part of visioning and planning for this annual event so that we can share with residents the benefits of renewable energy

    Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing & Theory of Change Focus Group - participate in helping us define what it means for Soulardarity to follow these critical organizing principles

    Soulardarity Growth & Stability Group - help us grow our base of support in a way that is firmly rooted in community and our mission



    Please take a few moments to select your choices below. You will be contacted by one of our staff to learn more.

    Thank you!

    Questions? Contact [email protected]

    Become a volunteer
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  • endorsed 2017-10-18 19:43:19 -0400




    There's a saying that goes: If you aren't at the table, you're on the menu. 

    Right now, Michigan utility regulators are writing the rules that will determine whether we move towards community-owned clean energy or dirty methane gas. But thus far, there are no requirements that community voices will be heard. Help us tell the Public Service Commission that Michigan citizens - and especially those impacted by pollution, energy poverty, and environmental racism - need our voices heard. Because if we aren't at the table - you know we're on the menu.

    If we accept business​ ​as​ ​usual,​ ​we​ ​can​ ​expect​ ​a​ ​process​ ​driven by​ big investors and executives leading to ​more​ ​dirty energy, pollution, and poverty. We know that clean​ ​energy​ ​and​ ​efficiency​ ​can​ ​make power more​​ ​reliable and affordable, while making jobs and keeping resources in our community. But to get to that future, we need to demand it - and we need a seat at the table.


    Sign on and add your own comments below by Friday October 20th

    You can Text VOICE to (313) 349-1063 to endorse


    **We are requesting an address to verify that signers are Michigan residents. We will only share a zip code in the comments. Your complete address WILL NOT BE SHARED** 


  • commented on Feedback 2016-10-07 22:42:47 -0400
    blah blah

    How are we doing?

    We do a lot of great work at Soulardarity, and we are always looking to improve. Let us know what you love about our work, what your questions are, and where we can grow.

    If you're renewing your membership, be sure to fill out the member renewals survey!

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  • published Benefits of Membership in Become a Member 2015-08-17 22:37:02 -0400

    Benefits of Membership

    Why become a Soulardarity member?

    You have a lot on your plate, so choosing to become a Soulardarity member may feel like a difficult decision to make. Here are a few of the key points about the benefits of Soulardarity membership. For more information, go to:


    • Participation in decisions about where new streetlights will be located
    • Helping to secure proper lighting of streets on your block and in your community. 
    • Access to resources to reduce heat and light bills in your home through weatherization and do-it-yourself solar projects
    • Future opportunities to work together with neighbors to build clean energy in Highland Park which will reduce costs and increase your ability to make decisions about where your power comes from
    • Run and vote for Soulardarity’s board of directors and on other membership issues. Elections and most member voting issues will happen during the annual meeting, making it easy to participate and stay informed.
    • Ability to call special meetings, vote to remove directors, participate in committees, and otherwise lead and focus Soulardarity’s work
    • Final voting power on any decision the board of directors makes to:
      • sell streetlights or other long-term assets
      • change our tax status, dissolve, or change our mission statement
      • change the powers of membership
    • Opportunity to participate in shared internet at a lower cost with your neighbors
  • published Become a Member in Get involved 2015-08-03 22:02:45 -0400

    Become a Member


    Check Out Our NEW MEMBERSHIP FORM Here

    Thank you for your interest in being a Soulardarity member! Memberships are integral to our work. As a member, you can elect the board of directors, participate in committees to direct different aspects of our work, and steer the organization towards our mission of energy democracy in Highland Park and Surrounding Communities. Your membership dues also sustain our operations and help us maintain autonomy and focus on our mission.

    Here's some more basics about Soulardarity membership:

    DUES: We want Soulardarity to truly represent it's members, and the more we raise from membership donations, the more our priorities will be driven the members directly.

    Highland Park Resident dues are $10/year. Non-residents are considered General Members, dues are $25/year. Partner Organization Membership Levels (based on residency):

    • Local Org (located in Highland Park, Detroit or Hamtramck)- $100
    • Regional Orgs/Affiliates (located in Michigan)- $150
    • National/Global Supporters (located outside of Michigan)- $250

    Members are encouraged to become Sustaining Donors and can make monthly contributions at a level that is affordable for them.

    VOLUNTEERISM: Soulardarity membership is about collective work and responsibility. "Many Hands Make Light Work" If we all pull a little weight, we can do exponentially greater work. Members are encouraged to give a little time and talent every month to help our programs, projects, and organizing move forward.

    EXPIRATION AND RENEWAL: Once annually, a member renewal reminder will be sent out to all lapsed (formerly active) members. At the time of any decision or benefit which applies to eligible members, the following will be assessed to determine eligibility:

    • Member donated at least the member dues minimum in the past 12 months.
    • Member renewed membership for the current member year (demarcated by the annual meeting).

    MEMBER BENEFITS: Members may from time to time receive special benefits for Becoming an Energy Resilience Warrior!

    • Access to the Soulardarity Bylaws - Click here to download the bylaws
    • Access to our Soulardarity Newsletter (Members Updates, Local News & Resources, Anti-DTE Campaigns and Alerts)
    • Advance notice of local, state-wide and national energy policy or utility changes that impact you and your family 
    • Access to Job placement & training opportunities
    • Sponsorship Opportunities (conferences, events, etc)
    • Discounted admission to paid events 
    • Invitation and voting rights at Annual Board of Directors Elections 
    • Input & engage in annual Participatory Budgeting Activity 
    • Provide organizational input using Jemez Principles small groups

    SOUL SWAG donation perks + Merch Store Coming Soon! 

    • Die-Cast Soulardarity Sticker
    • Soulardarity t-shirt
    • Soulardarity Branded Mug
    • Soulardarity Branded Hoodie

    Other special benefits may arise for all members, or for those donating or fundraising at specific levels.

    ACTION GROUPS: Members with ideas and projects are encouraged to form action groups, and will be supported by Soulardarity to see the projects through. Read the action groups summary and download the proposal form here.

    MEMBER MEETINGS: Member meetings will occur on a quarterly basis. The schedule and RSVP links for upcoming meetings will be released shortly!

    Click here to download the bylaws

    Click Here for NEW MEMBERSHIP FORM