For members wishing to contact the board directly, reach out to board secretary Rick Bunch at [email protected]


“Soulardarity's members are doing the crucial work of building community-owned power and energy democracy in Highland Park from the ground up. All of the board members are passionate, intelligent, and constructive individuals. Working with them together on this transformative work is a great joy and honor. Serving on the board is a great opportunity to support Soulardarity's work and gain experience with strategic governance.”

-Paul Chander, 2017 Board Member


The 2017 Soulardarity Board

From left to right, top to bottom: Board Members Reggie Flowers, Frankie Davis, Sharmaine Robinson, Juan Shannon, Paul Chander, Margaret Lewis, Bridgett Townsend, Christine Cowan and Executive Director Jackson Koeppel

Current Board Members

  • Stacye Jones (Member) Highland Park Member (Expires 2024)

  • Kimberly McDade (Member) Highland Park Member (Expires 2025)

  • Michelle Jones (Member) Highland Park Member (Expires 2025)

  • Nancy Gambrill (Board Chair) General Member (Expires 2023)

  • Bryan Lewis (Member) General Member (Expires 2023)

About The Board

Our 5-member Board is democratically elected by the members. Board members serve 3 year terms, with a rotating election cycle so that three new members are elected each year. 3 of the 5 board members must be from the Highland Park membership. Vacancies may be filled by board appointment, with those seats to be included in the next election cycle. Board members may serve up to 2 consecutive terms, of 6 years in total, and are able to run again after a full term of 3 years has passed.

The board of directors governs Soulardarity, advises and holds accountable staff, and represents the members to ensure that the organization is advancing its mission in compliance with the law and the priorities of the membership. This is primarily achieved through the creation, interpretation, and monitoring of policies at monthly meetings. At some meetings, the Executive Director presents updates on day-to-day operations or major decisions for board review, advice, and opinion. The board members, who are a little more removed from the daily operations than the staff, give a second opinion and additional guidance on how the activities of Soulardarity can best further its mission and long-term success.

Soulardarity's board meets once a quarter, currently the second Saturday of the last month, from 1:00 - 4:00pm. The Executive Director also attends the meetings and makes many of the updates. Meetings generally occur at the Soulardarity office.

Before each meeting, the board president prepares an agenda for items that need to be discussed. Other board officers may need to prepare reports that are to be discussed. Items on the agenda consist of updates about the organizations, such as: new initiatives, budgets, policy governance reports, staffing updates, media mentions, etc. 

Board members are expected to be passionate about the mission, able to regularly attend meetings, and devote enough time to complete the additional tasks outside meetings that are important to their role. Board members are expected to be involved with Soulardarity and model active and engaged membership, such as: attending member meetings, volunteer events, committee meetings, etc.


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