Highland Park, Michigan is a city of firsts. The Model T Factory and the Davison Freeway literally paved the way for the automobile and changed the way Americans got around and powered our lives. Now, we are feeling the impacts of that transformation from climate change and corporations that value profit over human rights. This community has suffered devastating blackouts, massive floods, incredibly high energy bills, and the loss of basic services. In 2011, DTE Energy repossessed over 1000 streetlights from Highland Park, leaving people in the dark.

This is not the way it has to be. The people of Highland Park have the opportunity to choose a different path. We have the power to save money with do-it-yourself energy projects, use our collective knowledge and effort to fight for a just and sustainable energy system, use community solar and energy efficiency to build wealth in our communities, and establish a legacy of powerful innovation.


Soulardarity is building a brighter future in Highland Park with education, organizing, and people-powered clean energy. We are working to install solar-powered streetlights, save money on energy bills, and work together with our neighboring communities to build a just and equitable energy system for all. Join us today!

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  • Wesley Bergman
    commented 2018-02-26 23:37:15 -0500
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