Why is Soulardarity beneficial for Highland Park, Detroit and Energy Consumers of SE Michigan?

Soulardarity (est. 2012) stands behind our mission to demonstrate that Highland Park, MI can serve as a national model for community-scale clean energy and just transition.

Soulardarity created 6 Standards for a Community-based Solidarity in 2017 to detail our Socio-economic values for (re)building in Highland Park and Surrounding areas. These standards were generated during a teambuilding activity at a  Membership Meeting references actionable headers adopted from the Jemez Principles (1986), they guides us in preparing communities to  build clean energy infrastructure and jobs, rebuild its economy, strength city and community capacity, and usher in local, regional, state and federal support to achieve JUST outcomes related to:

1. housing, resilient infrastructure, and energy ownership
2. energy affordability and accessibility
3. healthy food and clean water infrastructure
4. jobs, economy, education and investment
5. security and safety
6. communication and connectivity

Soulardarity is an organization that is sustained by membership, donorship as well as speaking and consulting revenue. Click on any of the links below to learn more about our Community Solar work, our programs and to sign up for updates.


Soulardarity is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We live at 21 Highland St. Highland Park, MI 48203

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"Soulardarity is building energy democracy in Highland Park and our neighboring communities through organizing, education, and community-owned clean energy."

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    The Community Solar link is dead. Would love to hear what you are doing with that. Would love to see something like that come together in Brightmoor.