DTE has failed us...again.

DTE has failed us...again.

If you or anyone you know are in need of assistance, there is still power at the Ernest T. Ford Recreation Center, located at 10 Pitkin St in Highland Park and residents are being allowed to take shelter there to power mobile devices and stay out of the heat. For Detroit residents, please refer to this list of community centers that may still have power and are open to the public.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all community members that are being unfairly impacted by DTE’s failure to be prepared for yesterday’s storm.

Tell the MPSC: Reject DTE's proposed rate increase

Yesterday a strong wind, thunder and rainstorm swept through much of SE Michigan, causing limbs from trees to fall and utility poles to bend or collapse, bringing power lines in contact with the ground. With winds picking up 70 MPH, many of our communities are experiencing power outages for nearly 300k customers (12% of DTE’s total customer base), school closures, boil advisories, and due to a downed power line, the devastating loss of a 14 year old child in Monroe.

Bent utility poles in Highland Park from last night's storm (taken 8.30.2022)

Storm damaged utility poles in Highland Park

(taken 8.29.2022)

It is easy to put out a public statement and blame all of this on severe weather, but let’s be realistic. When you are a multibillion-dollar company that has reaped massive profits in the past 5 years, including during the pandemic and this one, and you are receiving failing grades for your quality of service and infrastructure, it is a hard pill for community members and customers to swallow when given such flimsy excuses.

The truth is, DTE is responsible for these power outages. DTE is responsible for the financial fallout that households are going to go through in the coming days. DTE is responsible for choosing to prioritize their shareholders over their duty to provide a vital public service to our communities. When will enough actually be enough? How many more millions of our money in handouts will they beg for from the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) until they feel satisfied and start doing their jobs to serve their customers?

Storm damaged utility poles and downed trees in Highland Park

(taken 8.29.2022)

We cannot let them get one more dime from us. As rate paying customers, we must tell the MPSC to make the right decision by denying their rate hike proposal. We need the MPSC to tell DTE “NO MORE RATE HIKES''. Last week, they held an in person public hearing to listen to the community and to receive their comments to put on the record in the rate case. You can still submit public comments electronically by using the link below.

Tell the MPSC: Reject DTE's proposed rate increase

It is quick and easy. It comes with a prefilled message that urges them to deny DTE’s rate hike request. But we encourage you to put in your own reasons. Tell them that their decision involves life and death consequences, as we have seen from yesterday’s storm. If we don’t push back now, DTE is going to continue with business as usual. Which is to make as much money as possible for their shareholders, and not invest in our communities.

If you want to help us push back against DTE's rate hike, sign up to volunteer on our website. Be sure to write a comment that you would like to help with the anti rate hike campaign and one of us will reach out to connect you to our coalition's efforts in a meaningful way that works for you.

Volunteer with Soulardarity

In Soulardarity,

Rafael Mojica, Program Director

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