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  • Moratorium NOW! Coalition endorsed 2019-12-17 12:39:33 -0500




    There's a saying that goes: If you aren't at the table, you're on the menu. 

    Right now, Michigan utility regulators are writing the rules that will determine whether we move towards community-owned clean energy or dirty methane gas. But thus far, there are no requirements that community voices will be heard. Help us tell the Public Service Commission that Michigan citizens - and especially those impacted by pollution, energy poverty, and environmental racism - need our voices heard. Because if we aren't at the table - you know we're on the menu.

    If we accept business​ ​as​ ​usual,​ ​we​ ​can​ ​expect​ ​a​ ​process​ ​driven by​ big investors and executives leading to ​more​ ​dirty energy, pollution, and poverty. We know that clean​ ​energy​ ​and​ ​efficiency​ ​can​ ​make power more​​ ​reliable and affordable, while making jobs and keeping resources in our community. But to get to that future, we need to demand it - and we need a seat at the table.


    Sign on and add your own comments below by Friday October 20th

    You can Text VOICE to (313) 349-1063 to endorse


    **We are requesting an address to verify that signers are Michigan residents. We will only share a zip code in the comments. Your complete address WILL NOT BE SHARED** 


  • Moratorium NOW! Coalition endorsed 2019-12-17 12:42:12 -0500

    Support Let There Be Light

    In 2011 DTE removed residential lighting from Highland Park. Today, you have the power to choose a brighter future with community-owned solar streetlights.

    See the proposal on

    Show your support - endorse our proposal below.

    I support Soulardarity’s proposal for off-grid solar lighting in Highland Park that is affordable, reliable, safe, inclusive, and community-controlled.

  • Moratorium NOW! Coalition endorsed 2019-12-17 12:41:38 -0500

    Let the People Speak on DTE Rate Hike!

    Please sign on below as an individual or organization to give the public and opportunity to speak on DTE's rate hike. If you are signing as an organization, please include an attachment of your logo in the endorsement.


    Commissioners Dan Scripps, Sally Talberg, and Tremaine Phillips:

    The undersigned organizations and individuals write to request public hearings consistent with the Open Meetings Act on the current DTE Electric Rate Case (case number U-20561) to be held in Detroit and other frontline communities.

    In April 2019, the Michigan Public Service Commission hosted a public hearing on the Integrated Resource Plan for DTE Energy at Wayne County Community College- Downtown Campus. Residents and consumers of DTE Energy turned out to vocalize their opinions for the need to increase renewable energy and affordability in the service territory, many requesting to MPSC to reject the DTE IRP.

    We commend the Commission for offering  low-income rate payers and grassroots advocates the opportunity to speak directly to the commission on their experiences and opinions on the plan. Conducting the hearing in Detroit, with options before and after 5pm, opened up access to impacted communities.

    On June 6, 2019 DTE Energy returned to the MPSC for the second rate increase in a as may years. This rate case proposes substantial cost increases for residential ratepayers. It also proposes a number of new programs focused on low-income ratepayers of dubious efficacy, in the eyes of many intervenors. It is critical for informed decisions that the commission hear not only from technical experts, but those who stand to be most adversely impacted by these cases. To create that opportunity, we request the following:

    1. At least one public hearing be scheduled
    2. At least one such hearing will be held in Detroit, MI
    3. All public comments be collected, transcribed, and filed in the case docket
    4. The public be given at least 30 days public notice
    5. Translation in Spanish and Arabic of the notice of public hearing be provided and published in Spanish and Arabic news sources
    6. There are two sections for comment, before and after 5pm
    7. Interpretation services be provided for at the hearing itself, including ASL
    8. Childcare be provided for at the hearing for parents and guardians wishing to comment
    9. Location be accessible by public transit and ADA compliant

    Thank you for your commitment to public accountability in the rate setting process.

    The undersigned,