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    Volunteer Needs

    How are you going to answer the call?

    These are action groups that involves a more active and ongoing commitment

    Highland Park Campaign Team - help us create a brighter future for Highland Park

    State Energy Democracy Team - join our team to build strategy and advocate for creating better energy policy in Lansing

    Grow Solar Highland Park-Detroit/Rise UP Training - join the effort to provide affordable rooftop solar to homeowners and create jobs along the way

    Fundraising Committee - serve on the committee, support ongoing efforts to engage in fundraising

    Board Election Team - help us ensure that our board elections are accessible to membership and encourage others to run

    Annual Energy Sustainability and Tech Fair Planning Group - be a part of visioning and planning for this annual event so that we can share with residents the benefits of renewable energy

    Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing & Theory of Change Focus Group - participate in helping us define what it means for Soulardarity to follow these critical organizing principles

    Soulardarity Growth & Stability Group - help us grow our base of support in a way that is firmly rooted in community and our mission



    Please take a few moments to select your choices below. You will be contacted by one of our staff to learn more.

    Thank you!

    Questions? Contact [email protected]

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    learned invaluable information at the Ann Arbor reskilling solar panel course last evening . . . getting solar for the Intentional House !

    Soulardarity is building a brighter future in Highland Park with education, organizing, and people-powered clean energy. We are working to install solar-powered streetlights, save money on energy bills, and work together with our neighboring communities to build a just and equitable energy system for all. Learn more and Join us today.
    Hear our story, meet the staff.
    Soulardarity is a membership-based 501c3 non-profit. Our board is made up of and elected by our members and must be a majority of Highland Parkers. For questions about our structure and legal status, membership, or programs, please reach out to us at [email protected].