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                           National Volunteer Week 

    is Sunday, April 17 through Saturday, April 23 

    We need your help making Highland Park a global model for sustainability, self-determination and energy democracy. The primary task of our volunteers ensures that the needs of the whole are met by the few and dedicated so that collective goals can be achieved with a sense of principled urgency.

                     Benefits to Volunteers

    Learning about resources

    Connecting to other organizations

    Leadership Development

    Skill Building

    Develop new relationships with members of the Soulardarity community

    A plan for how you want to engage as a volunteer and the range of options available

    Volunteer Needs/How are you going to answer the call to make a regular commitment:

    Fundraising Committee

    Volunteer Coordination & Orientation

    Membership Committee

    Website & Database

    Social Media


    Highland Park Campaign Team &

    Polar Bear Sustainable Energy Cooperative


    These are activities that involved more active and ongoing commitment

    Fundraising Committee- serve on the committee, support ongoing efforts to engage in fundraising

    Volunteer Coordination & Orientation- responding to new volunteer asks, recruit new volunteers, help with onboarding new volunteers

    Membership Committee- welcoming new members, outreach to members on member issues

    Website & Database- cleaning duplicate accounts, updating blog page, updating events page

    Social Media Management

    Newsletter- Formatting & Disbursement or Guest Writer

    Highland Park Campaign & Polar Bear Sustainable Energy



    Please take a few moments to select your skills and interests below. You will be contacted to register for an upcoming (required) orientation.

    Thank you!

    Questions? Contact [email protected]

    Become a volunteer
  • posted about About us on Facebook 2016-01-16 18:37:14 -0500
    learned invaluable information at the Ann Arbor reskilling solar panel course last evening . . . getting solar for the Intentional House !

    Soulardarity is building a brighter future in Highland Park with education, organizing, and people-powered clean energy. We are working to install solar-powered streetlights, save money on energy bills, and work together with our neighboring communities to build a just and equitable energy system for all. Learn more and Join us today.
    Hear our story, meet the staff.
    Soulardarity is a membership-based 501c3 non-profit. Our board is made up of and elected by our members and must be a majority of Highland Parkers. For questions about our structure and legal status, membership, or programs, please reach out to us at [email protected]