May 2020 Membership Updates and Announcements

May 2020 Membership Updates and Announcements

Greetings Soulardarians (is this a thing?? Hoping, if not, it totally can be!)

I am sending this message hoping that everyone is staying safe while sheltering in place and taking time for movement and quiet as needed!


My name is Lex Draper, the new Membership & Resources Organizer for Soulardarity.  I met and connected with many of you while working on the Grassroots Gala last November.  For those I'm meeting for the first time "Hello!!"  Relationship building is something I am very passionate about so I'm excited and very much so look forward to building with you. 

The majority of my career has been working within the non-profit sector and most recently, inside of the social justice community.  Rather than spend our time here you all about my resume, I'd rather just let you know that you can find me with brightly colored hair, contemplating my next tattoo, rocking a bright lipstick, a cleverly worded t-shirt, and sneakers, supporting independent business!  




Join me in congratulating Nancy Gambrill on returning as a Board Member and Welcoming Bryan Lewis as our newest Board Member based on the votes from our 2020 election at our annual meeting!




Please click this link to take the Soulardarity Jemez Principles Evaluation. 

This will allow us to be able to measure where we stand on fulfilling our principles and make any necessary adjustments to better serve our community.  Please fill out this survey by June 1st.



Click here to read our progress with the Michigan Public Service Commission.

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