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In 2011 DTE removed residential lighting from Highland Park. Today, you have the power to choose a brighter future with community-owned solar streetlights.

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I support Soulardarity’s proposal for off-grid solar lighting in Highland Park that is affordable, reliable, safe, inclusive, and community-controlled.

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The Clay Group LLC
Volunteer Student from Wayne State University
Cooperative Energy Futures
My Brother's Keeper of Wayne County

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  • posted about this on Facebook 2017-07-22 16:35:52 -0400
    I'm endorsing Soulardarity. Please join me!
  • endorsed 2017-07-22 16:26:19 -0400
    There is nothing more powerful than people working together for a common goal.
  • endorsed 2017-07-15 13:27:43 -0400
  • The Clay Group LLC endorsed 2017-04-26 07:13:39 -0400
  • endorsed 2017-02-19 15:52:25 -0500
  • Volunteer Student from Wayne State University endorsed 2016-10-27 19:51:10 -0400
    I would like to thank Soulardarity for allowing me to be a part of this great movement. Soulardarity is about more than lighting Highland Park. This dedicated team is reviving Highland Park through relationship building, connecting residents to resources, and challenging politicians. Holding individuals accountable will take more voices, more concerned citizens, and more participation.

    Join us today!
  • endorsed 2016-10-26 10:15:29 -0400
  • posted about this on Facebook 2016-10-23 10:49:05 -0400
    I'm endorsing Soulardarity, a community plan to build off-grid solar street lights in Highland Park. Please join me!
  • Cooperative Energy Futures endorsed 2016-10-23 10:48:19 -0400
    Let There Be Light is a key step towards building community self-reliance in Highland Park so that the community can control its own energy and economic future.
  • endorsed 2016-10-22 17:16:14 -0400
  • GAIA endorsed 2016-10-22 16:16:24 -0400
  • endorsed 2016-10-21 10:28:38 -0400
  • My Brother's Keeper of Wayne County endorsed 2016-10-21 09:21:05 -0400
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