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  • rsvped +1 for Solar Training 2020-02-11 22:41:04 -0500

    ATC "Solar and Circuits" Training

    John from Appropriate Technology Collaborative has graciously offered to conduct a "Solar and Circuits" training for Soulardarity staff, board and members only

    It's a small event but a great opportunity to get our year started with a solid member offering. The cap is about 20 people and everyone will have a hands on circuit board to learn solar basics from. It's also friendly for kids, so it can work as a Mommy & Me type event! Soulardarity will cover coffee and snacks

    Head count: Up to 10 kits - people can team up in pairs for up to 20 people

    If you are a community member that is not yet a Soulardarity member but interested in taking this training please email

    Key outcomes:

    What are the basics of electricity?

    What is a circuit and what are its components?

    What is the difference between volts, amps and watts?

    How do you measure power coming out of a solar panel?

    How do you create a small off-grid solar power system?



    February 26, 2020 at 9am
    Soulardarity Office
    3 rsvps rsvp