Parker Village Shines

We finished a successful campaign which raised $11,535 on IOBY and we're still moving. Read on below and donate today!

the project

Parker Village and Soulardarity are coming together to bring a state-of-the-art smart solar street light with wifi, LED signage, and on-site security to Highland Park. It’s a powerful first step in Parker Village’s first phase, creating a community gathering space with a cafe and aquaponics garden. This initiative will demonstrate what solar can offer to a community’s revitalization, literally lighting the way for Parker Village to grow into the full, transformative potential it holds. We believe in keeping business local, so we’re working with a Michigan manufacturer, Solartonic, and Detroit-based Ryter Cooperative Industries on the build and installation of this light.

Juan Shannon, long-time Highland Parker and owner of Modern Tribe Communications, Inc. bought the old Thompson Elementary School on the eastside of HP to start Parker Village, a community resource hub focusing on technological innovation and community enterprise. Parker Village is a platform for Highland Park innovators to be empowered, resourced, and networked into a powerful movement for Highland Park’s revitalization.

Soulardarity is a Highland Park-based membership organization that got started in 2012 after DTE repossessed over 1000 streetlights from the City. Since launching, Soulardarity has installed six solar-powered streetlights and created “Let There Be Light”, a proposal to re-light HP with 1000 solar street lights and provide affordable internet, emergency response systems, and other community services. Soulardarity’s mission is to build energy democracy, and community control over the critical service of lighting is a powerful place to start.

the steps

  1. FUND: Raise funds for building and installing the solar smart pole.
  2. BUILD: Install the solar smart pole, celebrate, and share our success with our community and the world.
  3. GROW: Use this success of this campaign to drive forward the aquaponics garden, cafe and gathering space component of Phase 1, and use Parker Village as a model of community investment and community innovation for a brighter future in Highland Park.

why we're doing it

Highland Park is a city of innovation. Home of the first automated assembly line, the first mile of paved road, the first urban freeway, and the invention of the electric streetlight., Highland Park is a city that has shaped the world. We’re a team of Highland Parkers and allies that are continuing that legacy of innovation with renewable energy, by and for the community.

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you know that there’s something special happening in Highland Park. From the new development plans of the TIFA board, to Mama Shu’s work on Avalon Village, to Wayne Metro’s redevelopment of Cortland School, it’s clear that Highland Parkers are not waiting around for better things to come. We are returning this city to excellence, and more - we’re doing things that have never been seen before. This smart solar light is a small part of a big movement - and we need your help to make it happen.

Help us light the path to Highland Park and show that Parker Village Shines.

Who's donating

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GOAL: $3,952.50
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