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    National Volunteer Week 

    is on April 19-25, 2020

    We need your help making Highland Park a global model for sustainability, self-determination and energy democracy. The primary task of our volunteers ensures that the needs of the whole are met by the few and dedicated so that collective goals can be achieved with a sense of principled urgency.

    Please take a few moments to select your skills and interests below.

    Thank you!

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    About us

    Soulardarity is building a brighter future in Highland Park with education, organizing, and people-powered clean energy. We are working to install solar-powered streetlights, save money on energy bills, and work together with our neighboring communities to build a just and equitable energy system for all. Learn more and Join us today.
    Hear our story, meet the staff.
    Soulardarity is a membership-based 501c3 non-profit. Our board is made up of and elected by our members and must be a majority of Highland Parkers. For questions about our structure and legal status, membership, or programs, please reach out to us at [email protected]