Grassroots Gala- Tickets & Sponsors 2018

Become a sponsor for Soulardarity's First GRASSROOTS GALA -- coming to Highland Park December 1st!

On Saturday December 1st, 7pm. Soulardarity will hold its first annual Grassroots Gala at Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe, located at 71 Oakman Blvd in Highland Park. The gala celebrates five years of successful community-led solutions to lighting and energy issues and the community leaders who have made it possible.

This fundraising gala supports implementation of the Blueprint for Energy Democracy, a plan to make Highland Park a global model of sustainability and democracy. The event includes a silent auction with items from Highland Park artists and from Nandi’s personal collection of world-class African art.

CONTACT: Rielle Jones · [email protected]

Image result for solar lights icon GALA TICKET PRICES

$25- Soulardarity Members Ticket

This ticket covers the cost of admission to the Gala FOR ACTIVE SOULARDARITY MEMBERS, with meal included

$40- Standard Gala Ticket

This ticket covers the cost of admission to the Gala, with meal included

Image result for solar lights icon GALA SPONSORSHIP LEVELS

Donation Amount

Sponsorship Level- Tier


$100 600 Lumens

Logo on Program and Logo on event website page

$150 760 Lumens

Logo on Program, Logo on event website page; In-program Recognition and Business Description on program

$250 1300 Lumens

Logo on Program, Logo on event website page; In-program Recognition; Business Description on program; Name on Event Table Card; Logo on Wine Menu

$500 2500 Lumens

Logo on Program, Logo on event website page; In-program Recognition; Business Description on program; Name on Event Table Card; Logo on Wine Menu; Sponsor Honoree Award and; Company Highlight on Press Release

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The New Economy Initiative (NEI) is a philanthropic collaboration working to grow an inclusive culture of entrepreneurship in southeast Michigan that benefits all residents and strengthens the regional economy. NEI acts as a strategic grant maker, convener, and storyteller in its efforts to build and sustain a network of support for diverse entrepreneurs who are creating a better future for their communities. Learn more at

Pierson McNichols, PLLC is a civil rights and social justice law firm committed to equal access to justice by providing excellent, affordable legal services and consultation that renders the most just outcomes possible. Visit them online at

The Avalon Village is a sustainable eco-village being built in Highland Park, MI (inside the city of Detroit). Transforming one of the city’s most blighted blocks into a safe, functional, and beautiful space for the entire community. The inspiration behind this transformative project is 2 year-old Jakobi RA who was killed by a hit-and-run driver in 2007. In honor of his memory and embrace his vibrant spirit, the first installation, Jakobi RA Park, serves as a gathering place for celebrations, community service projects, activities and events throughout the year. Follow their progress on

Staffed by Mark Templeton, Rob Weinstock and more than 20 law student interns, the Abrams Environmental Law Clinic (AELC) at the University of Chicago Law School challenges illegal pollution, fights for strict permits, advocates for changes to regulations and laws, holds environmental agencies accountable, and develops innovative approaches for improving the environment. The Clinic is proud to represent Soulardarity before the Michigan Public Service Commission and to advocate for energy and environmental justice in Michigan.

The Patrice K. Aaron Foundation is a family foundation with a primary focus on racial, economic and environmental justice in SE Michigan. We’re on a journey to better understand our privilege and wealth in the context of a deeply unfair and unjust socioeconomic system. How do we begin? By listening, learning and taking direction from those who’ve borne the burden of oppression and marginalization in our country - especially in SE Michigan. By finding ways to be financially, morally and persistently supportive and present. By elevating the voices and values of those who deserve to be treated with respect, compassion and fairness.

Vote Solar's mission is to make solar a mainstream energy resource across the U.S.  Since 2002, Vote Solar has been working to lower solar costs and expand solar access. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Vote Solar advocates for state policies and programs needed to repower our electric grid with clean energy. Learn more at:

Ryter Cooperative Industries is a project management company thriving in the Metropolitan Detroit area and takes on an innovative approach that introduces resourceful ideas through the use of technological resources by integrating clean renewable energy to companies and organizations. RCI delivers solutions for revitalizing clean energy in its efforts to use science and technology to transform the future of sustainability. Founder and CEO, Ali Dirul has joined forces with local Metro Detroit power-houses by breaking down barriers to transform the practical use of energy into revitalized ground-breaking technology. Learn more at

The Energy Democracy National Tour 2018 is an effort to identify and highlight the alternative, frontline- led and justice-centered renewable energy efforts of communities across the country. By weaving these efforts into a fabric that represents a national political current of historic significance, the inaugural Tour seeks to shift the narrative toward one of positive and effective solutions led by local communities, taking into their own hands the work of building a cleaner and more equitable future. Learn more at

In-Kind Donations: Please contact Rielle Jones regarding in-kind sponsorships at [email protected]

If you require an invoice, please send your request to [email protected].

To make payment by check, make it out to "Soulardarity" and mail to 21 Highland St, Highland Park, MI 48203.


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