Fellowship 2021

2021 Soulardarity Fellowship Program

One Program, Two Tracks toward Energy Democracy.


Soulardarity started out of necessity when Highland Park residents were left in the dark by DTE Energy’s repossession of over 1000 streetlights in 2011. When we came together, it was with the simple goal of restoring light to the darkness. 10 years later, we have become a locally and nationally recognized leader in energy democracy.

Our organizational structures build power in the collective capacity for self-governance and self-determination. A large portion of our work is collaborative with other environmental justice organizations and promotes just policy through direct advocacy and pressure campaigns aimed at local or state leadership. At every stage of organizing, ideas and proposals are reviewed and approved by Soulardarity's members and partners.


Soulardarity is hiring 8 fellows (4 fellows for each fellowship track) to work with our organization from September- December 2021.

Fellows will provide support to our Local and State Energy Democracy Campaign, its Leadership Team and Energy Organizers to engage grassroots community and leaders to build power, self-determination and climate justice in Michigan as a response to the oppressive practices and policies of DTE Energy. Fellows will be expected to serve as a support to Soulardarity, reporting to the Fellowship Coordinators and Core Leadership Team. This fellowship program focuses on advancing community-owned clean energy goals through organizing, media, and movement building.


Fellows will focus on neighborhood engagement in Highland Park. We will do this by working with the Highland Park Campaign Committee to conduct outreach to neighbors, friends, and family in Highland Park on campaign issues such as energy, water and transparency of city government. Fellows will conduct grassroots power building strategies to recruit Highland Park households, non-profits, and business to participate in our newly launched Grow Solar bulk purchase program (learn more here). Fellows will also participate in Get Out The Vote efforts for the November general election. 


Energy Democracy is the practice of building a just energy system that engages the people of the community in the decision-making process of how energy is developed, maintained, and used in their lives. The Soulardarity Energy Democracy Fellowship is focused on three demands: Health, Affordability, and Community Power in decision making as it relates to energy.  

Through the trainings led by Soulardarity, Fellows will learn about the energy system, wealth building alternatives for energy rate payers and how to advance advocacy with legislatures for all who are affected by the bureaucracy that surrounds it.


Applications will be accepted (June-September 2021), Hiring/Interviews (Starting August 2021) and (Required) Team building and informational training sessions. 

+ Training 1: September 9 & 11, 2021

+ Training 2: September 25  2021

+ Training 3: October 2, 2021

Please expect to commit at least 3-4 hours per training day. In addition, fellows will be asked to participate in Community Events, Campaign Team meetings, held once per month & Campaign Fellowship meetings every 2 weeks (Details will be provided during interviews/on-boarding)



Fellows will also be responsible for targeted engagement, facilitation and decision-making roughly 5-15hrs. per week depending on workload. Fellow will govern the use of the fellowship organizing budget of $8500 and tracking spending to conduct Community education sessions, Neighborhood Outreach, Event Planning and Implementation. Fellows in the past have helped to reshape local political conversations. Fellowship program participants seeking, in the run-up to the November election, to impact the national discourse on race relations, a just-transition and clean energy are encouraged to apply.



September- December 2021



$2,000 will be paid by Soulardarity in exchange for fellows working with and reporting to Fellowship Program Coordinators throughout the program. Stipends will be paid half upfront, quarter midway, quarter at the close of the fellowship. In addition, Fellows gain training and capacity building on energy democracy and environmental justice and have access to a budget to support those efforts.



Trainings and on-boarding will take place virtually. Door-to-door and canvassing will follow state gathering and face mask rules.

So You Want the Job? 

Complete the application at http://bit.ly/2021SoulFellowship, then submit a resume and cover letter to: 

Baraka Johnson, Fellowship Coordinator at [email protected] in an email with the subject line “[YOUR NAME] and indicate which fellowship track you are applying for [Highland Park Fellowship or Energy Democracy Fellowship]. Please contact us if there are any questions or issues completing the application requirements.

Deadline to apply is September 3, 2021 no later than 5pm.


Soulardarity is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to engaging the skills and leadership of applicants from Metro Detroit, Highland Park, frontline and low-income households. Historically marginalized individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.



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