DIGEST: DTE's 2018 Corporate Records

DIGEST: DTE's 2018 Corporate Records

Hi Soulardarity supporters - it's Jackson here! A few articles have come out lately about our friendly neighborhood utility's 2018 performance. In summary...

  1. DTE Energy's CEO Gerry Anderson made 91 times the pay of the median employee at DTE Energy. That doesn't include his personal returns on the $100+ in DTE stock which he owns. This source pegs the median salary at DTE over $80 K per year. Try to imagine the gap between Gerry's pay and the lowest paid employees at DTE.
  2. DTE's effective federal tax rate in 2018 was negative - meaning the taxpayers subsidized their business.
  3. DTE is under federal investigation for their relationship to “a secretive front group funded by utility companies and devoted to rolling back Clean Air Act (CAA) regulations.”
  4. DTE's Integrate Resource Plan proposal was released, showing their continued drive towards coal and gas over clean and renewable energy (s/o to our own Nichols in this article!)

Stay informed!

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