Why become a Soulardarity member?

You have a lot on your plate, so choosing to become a Soulardarity member may feel like a difficult decision to make. Here are a few of the key points about the benefits of Soulardarity membership. For more information, go to:



  • Participation in decisions about where new streetlights will be located
  • Helping to secure proper lighting of streets on your block and in your community. 
  • Access to resources to reduce heat and light bills in your home through weatherization and do-it-yourself solar projects
  • Future opportunities to work together with neighbors to build clean energy in Highland Park which will reduce costs and increase your ability to make decisions about where your power comes from
  • Run and vote for Soulardarity’s board of directors and on other membership issues. Elections and most member voting issues will happen during the annual meeting, making it easy to participate and stay informed.
  • Ability to call special meetings, vote to remove directors, participate in committees, and otherwise lead and focus Soulardarity’s work
  • Final voting power on any decision the board of directors makes to:
    • sell streetlights or other long-term assets
    • change our tax status, dissolve, or change our mission statement
    • change the powers of membership
  • Opportunity to participate in shared internet at a lower cost with your neighbors

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