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If you're renewing your membership, be sure to fill out the member renewals survey!


Thank you for your interest in Soulardarity membership! Members are integral to our work. As a member, you can elect the board of directors, participate in committees to direct different aspects of our work, and steer the organization towards our mission of energy democracy in Highland Park. Your membership dues also sustain our operations and help us maintain autonomy and focus on our mission.

In either case, welcome to the membership community of Soulardarity! We look forward to building with you. If you joined online and have not filled one out, please fill out the member intake form so we know how best to support your participation.

The standard cost of membership is $50. To make membership more inclusive, we also offer a subsidized rate of $25 for those with more financial need and solidarity memberships of up to $250 for those who can contribute more financially to grow our community. Learn more history of the membership model here.

Subsidized Membership

$25 per year

Standard Membership

$50 per year

Solidarity Memberships

$100: Your membership + 2 subsidized members supported at $25 each

$150: Your membership + 4 subsidized members supported at $25 each

$250: Your membership + 8 subsidized members supported at $25 each

Please reach out to Soulardarity staff to process payment for new members at soulardarity@gmail.com or (313) 349-1063.

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  • commented 2015-12-09 06:32:47 -0500
    really proud of you. keep it up and call me anytime! I’m here to help any way I can
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