Advanced Energy Education 2017

In partnership with EcoWorks and Wayne Metro, Soulardarity is providing Advanced Energy Educations to empower Detroiters with knowledge of and engagement with the energy system.

We all want to provide a safe, healthy home for our families, and saving money on our energy bills is an important part of doing that. But how did the cost of energy get so high in the first place? Join us to learn about where power comes from, how it gets to us, and how we can start making it ourselves. Food and on-site non-certified childcare will be provided.

RSVP for one of the sessions below. Use this form to request on-site childcare:

April 15th 3-4:30pm at EcoWorks

RSVP online or by texting 415 to 313.349.1063

May 8th 3-4:30pm at Lakeshore Building

RSVP online or by texting 508 to 313.349.1063

June 1st 6-7:30pm at University of Detroit Mercy

RSVP online or by texting 601 to 313.349.1063

July 15th 3-4:30pm at Metro Central Church

RSVP online or by texting 715 to 313.349.1063

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