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    Highland Park Membership

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    If you're renewing your membership, be sure to fill out the member renewals survey!

    Fill out the form below to initiate or renew your Soulardarity membership.

    By filling out this form, you are affirming that your primary residence is in Highland Park and that you are registered to vote in Highland Park, if you are eligible to do so. If you are not, go to the General Membership page to sign up.

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    The standard cost of membership is $50. To make membership more inclusive, we also offer a subsidized rate of $25 for those with more financial need and solidarity memberships of up to $250 for those who can contribute more financially to grow our community.

    Subsidized Membership

    $25 per year

    Standard Membership

    $50 per year

    Solidarity Memberships

    $100: Your membership + 2 subsidized members supported at $25 each

    $150: Your membership + 4 subsidized members supported at $25 each

    $250: Your membership + 8 subsidized members supported at $25 each