Our 9-member Board is democratically elected by the members. Board members serve 3 year terms, with a rotating election cycle so that three new members are elected each year. 6 of the 9 board members must be from the Highland Park membership. Vacancies may be filled by board appointment, with those seats to be included in the next election cycle. Board members may serve up to 2 consecutive terms, of 6 years in total, and are able to run again after a full term of 3 years has passed.

All members are eligible to run for the board. Send an email to soulardarity@gmail.com for more information.


From left to right, top to bottom: Board Members Reggie Flowers, Frankie Davis, Sharmaine Robinson, Juan Shannon, Paul Chander, Margaret Lewis, Bridgett Townsend, Christine Cowan and Executive Director Jackson Koeppel

Current Board Members

  • Bridgett Townsend (President) Highland Park Member (Expires 2018)
  • Christine Cowan (Treasurer) Highland Park Member (Expires 2018)
  • Paul Chander (Member) General Member (appointed - expires 2017)
  • Reggie Flowers (Member) General Member (appointed - expires 2017)
  • Juan Shannon (Member) Highland Park Member (Expires 2019)
  • Margaret Lewis (Member) Highland Park Member (Expires 2017)
  • Frankie Davis (Member) Highland Park Member (Expires 2019)
  • Sharmaine Robinson (Member) Highland Park Member (Expires 2019)

Vacancies to be filled until next election (July 2017)


Board Positions to be filled in next election (July 2017)

  • Highland Park Member (3-year term)
  • General or Highland Park Member (3-year term)
  • General or Highland Park Member (3-year term)
  • General or Highland Park Member (1-year term)

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